15 Reliable and Versatile Circuits

Designed for admin and UC vehicles,

with the capacity to support full blown patrol cars.

CH15.1 Technical Features

  • 15 circuits
  • 7 Hot circuits (redx4, yellowx3).
  • 1 Bypass circuit.
  • 1 Siren mute circuit (insert the siren mute resistor to this output to reduce 90% of siren volume when servicing the siren).
  • 6 switched outputs (orangex6).
  • Switched outputs can be set as timer controlled when a timer is present, or defaulted to ignition controlled if no timer is present.
  • Output rows are arranged according to color (redx4, yellowx3, bypassx1, siren mutex1, orangex6) for easy identification.
  • Timer settings are easy to program with our ts1 timer.

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